Monday, August 30, 2010

Pinched nerves and Dirty dishes

If there's 2 things I can't stand, it's pinched nerves in my back and neck AND DIRTY DISHES. 

It's Monday evening, I've been away most of the weekend much to my resistance.  We were invited for a birthday at a farm on the way to Ventersdorp and I really only wanted to go just for the day but everyone was pulling some kind of manipulation tactic on me, including my own son, that we landed up staying the night and then only leaving yesterday (Sunday) at around 1:30pm.

You know, when you get home from these kinds of things you are really just bushed and 'lus' (afrikaans) to do nothing much else besides wash all the dust off you and veg on the couch.

Ok so back to dirty dishes, I hate dirty dishes to the point I hate washing them as well.  They literally just pile up and the more they pile up the more of a mind block I get.  Mount Everest seems impossible to conquer so I don't bother, that is until we need to eat and there are no plates or forks.

I honestly believe that if someone got me a dishwasher, I would not only have a clean kitchen but my pinched nerves and knots in my back would go.  A dishwasher is actually medicinal!  If I had enough credit left on my credit card, I would get me one.  Call me irresponsible....

Sleep tight,
Tired mamma

Friday, August 27, 2010


It's Friday, so to all you single moms...

If there is just one thing that you can keep in mind then this is it "There is no future in the past".

Have a wonderful evening and take care!

The D